A licensed psychologist, Dr. Abigail McNally currently works with adults, college students, adolescents, couples, and families through a private practice. Based out of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. McNally maintains her professional licensure with the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation’s Board of Registration of Psychologists. Organized to ensure that all Massachusetts regulations are adhered to, the Board licenses only qualified individuals who display a commitment to a high level of ethical standards, professional conduct, and participation in ongoing educational activities.

In addition to maintaining a general focus on emotional disorders of anxiety and depression, Dr. McNally has developed a specialty in assisting individuals and their families in dealing with eating disorders. Providing a private environment for those who seek treatment for compulsive overeating, binge eating disorder, body image disorders, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and more, Dr. Abigail McNally addresses psychological and environmental conflict and deficits in a one-on-one setting to ensure that her patients receive the tools they need to work toward a complete recovery. Other areas of Dr. McNally’s expertise include treatment for borderline personality disorder and overcoming trauma.

In addition to performing over seven years of work at Harvard Square, Dr. Abigail McNally served for a time as the Director of Psychology Training at Two Brattle Center, PC, a multifaceted practice offering treatment consultation, dialectical behavior therapy, and a variety of training services. Dr. McNally also worked early in her career as the Assistant Clinical Director of Laurel Hill Inn, a residential treatment center for eating disorders. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Brown University, Dr. McNally earned a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from Boston University. She went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship with Harvard University’s Bureau of Study Counsel before joining Laurel Hill Inn in 2004. Dr. McNally is now in advanced training at the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, where she is a member of the Board.